Prince’s Lakes Police Department

Letter from the Chief:


My name is Greg Southers and I’m the lead law enforcement officer for Prince’s Lakes.  I am writing you today to ask our residents for a little assistance.  As most of you are aware, illegal narcotics activity in southern Johnson County and the Prince’s Lakes area is on the rise.  Along with the drug activity, there is also an increase in theft, burglary, and robbery incidents.

My number one job is to keep this town safe a remove this element from our community.

I’m asking our residents that if you see something suspicious or hear something suspicious, please report it.  It’s our job as law enforcement officers to respond to these calls and keep our community safe.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 317-933-3517.  If you need to report anything, contact the Johnson County 911 Center at 317-346-6336.

As always, if it’s an emergency, dial 911 immediately!

Thank you,

Chief Greg Southers